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Let's Look Ahead - 2024 Season Schedule

January 5, 2024

The winter season starts on January 7th; let's look to the year ahead.

Each season runs 10-12 weeks, on a quarterly basis. Play each week at the same venue to earn points, teams with the most points at each location will qualify for an invitation to the tournament at the end of that season. With each trivia season culminating in a tournament, there are four chances for your team to become the champions every year!

Points are accrued through a points system algorithm, based on where you place that evening and among how many teams. Each night you play adds points to your season score (with extra points during the last two weeks of the season). If you’ve qualified for the playoffs, you’ll receive an email within a week of the season ending.

Prizes at the Championship Game include cash and prizes for the top three teams! First place also gets their team name added to the Grand Champion’s Cup!




Week of 1.7 - Week of 3.17  
Semis - 4.6  
Finals - 4.13



Week of 6.23 - Week of 9.1  
Semis - 9.21  
Finals - 9.28



Week of 4.7 - Week of 6.2  
Semis - 6.22  
Finals - 6.29



Week of 9.22 - Week of 11.17  
Semis - 12.14  
Finals - 1.4



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